How is Blogging Trend In India

The blog is a website where you find any information that is written by a content witter or a group of writers consolidated together. In this blog, we have provided details about How is Blogging Trend In India to know completely about running a blog.

Blogging Trends in India

The blog may be for personal purposes or for business, and projects that help to improve your business, also make your website get ranked by increasing the user count. They connect directly with customers and increase website traffic. The blog formats changes by time and now the basic features that are included in the blog are:

1. The header of the blog

2. Main Content for the blog

3. Sidebar that has a social profile, favorite content or call-to-action

4. Footer that contains a disclaimer, privacy policy, contact details

The blogging has become popular in the 2000’s, they are a group of skills that runs and controls a blog. The blogging provides the required data that you are looking for, they also help companies to provide required information about them and communicate related to any issues.

The increase in digital technology has transformed blogging into money-earning. Blogger is a person who controls the blog, they provide content for the audience. The blogging has become more popular due to its openness and you can post your own opinion.

Most Popular Bloggers

The blog must get ranked and have many visitors you visit your website, the most popular money making blogs are:

1. Allowing advertisements in your blog or through Google Adsense

2. Becoming an affiliate partner

3. Sell your own digital products like eBooks and tutorials

4. Sell content access to your members

5. Make your blog into a content marketing tool

A blog is a place you can share all your views, ideologies, experience, skills to others, so it has become like a dairy for normal people. The blogs can be categorized into many age groups, a survey shows that most Indian bloggers fall under the age group of 16 to 35 years.

Women bloggers are mostly home-maker who update their blog regularly and it will be mostly related to beauty, parenting and technology tips. Professional bloggers and part-time bloggers fall under the age group of 30’s they mostly write their blog related to updation of technology, gadget advancement, finance, health, travel, and political issues.

With the recent launch of black friday web hosting deals 2019 for India, the number of blogs getting launched in next few months will be on higher side, thanks to awesome deals from top companies which makes a lot of people to make an step ahead when it comes to blogging.

The income that you get when you are a blogger, part-time blogger receive $100 per month, full-time bloggers get $500, professional bloggers $1000 to $2000 income monthly and top-rated bloggers get $5000 to $25000 month. Now popular companies like Google, MSN, Nokia, and small organizations also started blogs to forecast their business and increase sales.


The blogger must have a vast knowledge about all things that they share in their blog, this helps to increase the trust in their post and also increase the visitors for the website that in turn increase the website ranking. The important thing in blogging is it know what customer requires and write content accordingly.

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Fueling YouTube's Growth In India

How Regional Languages Are Fueling YouTube’s Growth In India

The raise of mobile smartphones have made people use the Internet and Youtube in their regional languages. Now many people spend there time by either browsing or use YouTube for hearing songs, In this blog, we have discussed How Regional Languages Are Fueling Youtube’s Growth in India.

The slash of mobile phone users has increased the user count, the Reliance Jio launched 4G plans on September 2016 that provide nominal charges for data plan itself.

Fueling YouTube’s Growth In India

The report by Mary Meekers Internet Trends has said that the decrease in plan rate has made an increase in subscribers from 100 million in 2016-17 to 307 million in 2018-19. The Reliance Jio has made India the only country that provides data plans at the lowest price.

The mobile data consumption has increased to 370 crore GB per month from 20 crores GB, also the data rate price has reduced to Rs 15 per GB from Rs 250 per GB. A survey shows that 97% of users use the Internet from there mobile phones and 75% of users stream videos through Youtube.

The Youtube has berated the top video streaming application in India among Hotstar, JioTV, Amazon prime video by Vidooly, App Annie, they also forecast that the users who are active per month are about 265 million per month.

Fueling Growth

Youtube provides options to search in there own regional language, Google India has said that in 2018, 270% users use their regional language in voice search to find details about what they search.

The majority of Youtube users are from Metro city, they are about 100 million users and the rest are from towns and villages, who search in Youtube related to Information, education, and entertainment. Youtube has become the home page for 10 languages, Hindi covers the most users who search on Youtube.

An Online video forecast 2018 done by Zenith show that Indian who spend time in videos has increased to 67 minutes from 52 minutes in 2018 and 2 minutes in 2012.

Popular Regional Languages 

The Youtube starts who are popular in their regional language are: Infobells founded by Kuner Natarajan and Jayalakshmi Natarajan that come in 6 languages, has 38 million users and had a revenue of 10 crores in 2018-19.

Village Food Factory founded by A Gopinath comes in Tamil language and has 3 million users and gets revenue of 10 lakh per month. MadhurasRecipe Marathi founded by Madhura Bachal that comes in Marathi language and get revenue of 2-2.75 lakh per month. Karikku founded by Nikhil Prasad that comes in Malayalam has 2.6 million subscribers and receives revenue of 5 lakh per month.

Youtube has become the biggest growing platform that people spend nearly 1 hour 11 min on average on Youtube daily. The survey done by Vidooly has shown that the Youtube users in 2018, who view in their regional language are: Telugu 67.4 billion, Tamil 45.5 billion, Punjabi 30 billion, Malayalam 19.9 billion, Bhojpuri 31.4 billion users.


The boom in the Internet, smartphone and reduces data plans has made many users use the Internet and search for their regional language. You can also search for your voice search in their own regional language. In those blogs, we have discussed How regional languages are fuelling Youtube’s growth in India.

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Latest Fashion Trends In India

Latest Fashion Trends In India

There are many types of dresses western, and ethnic Indian clothes, whatever you wear it must be more presentable, fashionable and you must enjoy wearing them. The dress colours, perfect material quality, and fabric design that makes you look perfect and attractive.

Latest Trends in India

Clothes play a vital role in your daily routine and make you feel positive and energetic, as the generation grows the dresses that we wear to get more modernized and stylish. The ethnic clothing refers to tops, bottoms, skirts, sarees, and other clothing categories that are originated from India. These clothes are being modified by days and get more modernized to form modern clothing culture.

The dresses make you look perfect and gives you special attention, there are different occasions to present you differently like parties, festival occasions, weddings, and family collaborate. The main thing is that you should choose the right outfit that suits you and fashionable. In this blog, we have listed the Latest Fashion Trends In India to select what dress you are going to fill your wardrobe.

Stylish Foil Print Kurta 

The stylish outfit that is suited for all times, foil printed kurtas are mostly selected by persons who do not like gaudy designs, they are best suited for all occasions, festival or wedding reception. You need to mix match these kurtas with bottom and dupattas to make you look stylish.

Contemporary Tunic 

These are Indo-Western fashion that makes you look simple and fashionable. There are various options to choose between drape yolk, cowl hemline. The tunic tops are about your knee-length that will have more flares, they make you look shape fit and look lean. There are many colour options and prints available.

Ethnic Crop Top 

The Ethinic crop top is designed using fabric material like silks, brocades, and velvets. They suit all types of bottoms, even you can match it with sarees to make a stylish look that can make a trending in fashion. The ethnic crop top can also be matched with skirts that give a special look.

Maxi Skirt 

Skirts are always a standard fashion in India, they give you a special look and endless style. You can match Kurtis, tops, and tees to match skirts and make you fashionable. The skirts suit all age groups and all the time.

Soft and Colourful Dupatta 

The dupatta comes in different colour variations, printed type, solid and polka type that is best suited for all type of dresses like Kurtis, tunics, tops, and skirts. Even when you wear a dull dress, a vibrant colored dupatta makes a fresh look and changes your costume.

Palazzo Pants 

Palazzo pants are the recent trends that are necessary to be present in the wardrobe. They fit all type of dresses, ethnic and western outfit that changes your look to be fashionable and are trending. They provide a comfortable outfit that gives a chance in your dressing way.

Silk Cigarette Pants 

The other pants that have become trending are silk cigarette pants that are slim fit and make you look slim and sleek. They can be matched with any dress like tunics, kurtas, tops.


In this blog, we have listed the Latest Fashion Trends In India that are trending and change your look completely. They help to choose fashionable clothes to fill your wardrobe and make you stylish.

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What Google Reveals About Search Interest In Indian Politics

Google is a search engine where you get an answer to all questions. The questions that are related to politics are what do Indians think about politics? What are the major issues they care for? How do the views cause a change in time?.

Google Reveals In Indian Politics

Analysis show that the most trending caption in Google is Prime Minister “Narendra Modi is the most popular national leader” and “Mayawati enjoys the widest appeal among regional leaders”. There is a survey taken by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has shown that for the past 5 years, the internet connection user has increased to 512 million from 200 million.

Google is the most visited search engine, the survey taken by Alexa, a web traffic company has forecasted that Indians spend an average time of 14 minutes daily on the internet. Every year Google will face billions of search results used by users, at the end of the year Google will publish the most searched thing throughout the year.

Most Popular Politician

In the year 2019 Prime minister Narendra Modi is the most popular politician to be searched in Google, the search result is 1.82 million. and for 2018 the result is 7.24 million. The Indian National Congress is the next most searched thing in Google, Congress President Rahul Gandhi being in second place having the search result of 1.5 million in 2019.

Next comes Priyanka Gandhi being popular showing 1.22 million search results in 2019. The other most searched politician in Google are Arvind Kejriwal Delhi Chief Minister, Sonia Gandhi Congress party leader, Lalu Prasad Yadav RJD chief, Advani Bjp senior leader, Sachin pilot Congress, Akhilesh Yadav Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister, Manmohan Singh Former Prime Minister, Mamtha Banerjee, Manohar Parrikar, late Chief Minister of Goa, Priyanka Chaturvedi, former Congress spokesperson, Kanhaiya Kumar communist, Hardik Patel congress, Gautam Gambir cricketer, Urmila Matondkar congress.

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Top Technology Trends In India

Top Technology Trends In India

India is a developing country where you can find many technologies which are made essential now. The rise of technology is unpredictable, it gets updated every day to meet customer requirements. The digital era has made the evolution of new technologies. In this blog, we have a blog we have discussed top technology trends in India. 

 5G Networks 

5G is the next-generation mobile network, they also interconnect, control machines, objects, and devices to connect people. They provide a drastic change in the mobile networking the speed may be 10GB per second, which is planned to be launched in 2020.

They provide a better performance, efficiency to make users provide a new experience. The advanced features are they render multi-Gbps peak rates, ultra-low latency, increased traffic capacity and better user experience.

The technologies that are used in the 5G network are 5G New Radio air interface design, 5G NextGen core network, OFDM, TDD subframe design that is flexible and dynamic, LDPC channel coding, MIMO antenna technology, and spectrum sharing techniques.

 Artificial Intelligence 

Artificial Intelligence is being noticed for the past year, even then it is being in the top to trend. AI is a computer system that reacts like a human to perform all activities, compared to a human they respond quickly.

AI is required to discover additional data, adding intelligence to products that are present now, the programming data to progress learning language, and uses a neural network to analyze data. The major applications of AI are used for navigation, streaming service, personal assistance, ride-sharing application, and smart home appliance control.

The latest technology that is used in Artificial Intelligence is, Natural language processing is software that processes from human language, Robotic process automation, Speech recognition, virtual agents, Hardware integrated with AI, decision management, Biometrics, Deep learning platforms.


Blockchain is a technology that is similar to Bitcoin. Using the blockchain you can add data but cannot change or remove, the term chain signifies that you are making a data chain that prolongs longer. They cannot be managed by a single entity, it is done by a cluster of computers. The Blockchain is used for cryptocurrency since privacy is high.

The important factor in Blockchain technology is Decentralization, Transparency, and Immutability. The applications are sharing economy, crowdfunding, supply chain auditing, governance, file storage, prediction markets, protection of intellectual property, identity management, data management, Anti-money laundering and know your customer, land title registration etc,

 Edge Computing 

The data will be processed at the edge of the network, where it is being generated. Edge computing is an open-source that decentralizes processing power enables mobile computing and the Internet of things technology. The data are being processed by themselves apart from sending them to data centers.

They provide data stream acceleration, real-time data processing, increased response time, reduces the delay time, decreases bandwidth usage, cost-effective and data security. The Edge computing is designed to solve the issues caused by cloud computing and data processing center, they reduce the requirement for long-distance communication between client and server that in turn reduces the latency and usage of bandwidth


The increase in technology has made the necessary for cybersecurity an important one. The cybersecurity protects your computer hardware, software, and data from cyber-attacks. The malevolent hackers will not be able to access your data and maintain high-level security, there are always improvements that are done to improve the security level.

The advancement in security levels is hardware authentication, cloud technology, deep learning, data loss prevention, and behavioral analytics. The requirement of cybersecurity prolongs until hacking occurs. The types of cybersecurity are critical infrastructure security, application security, network security, cloud security, and the internet of things security.


In this article we have discussed about the Top Technology Trends in India, that helps to know the latest one. Every day new technology immerses due to the increase in the digital world, hence it is necessary to get updated regularly.

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