How is Blogging Trend In India

The blog is a website where you find any information that is written by a content witter or a group of writers consolidated together. In this blog, we have provided details about How is Blogging Trend In India to know completely about running a blog.

Blogging Trends in India

The blog may be for personal purposes or for business, and projects that help to improve your business, also make your website get ranked by increasing the user count. They connect directly with customers and increase website traffic. The blog formats changes by time and now the basic features that are included in the blog are:

1. The header of the blog

2. Main Content for the blog

3. Sidebar that has a social profile, favorite content or call-to-action

4. Footer that contains a disclaimer, privacy policy, contact details

The blogging has become popular in the 2000’s, they are a group of skills that runs and controls a blog. The blogging provides the required data that you are looking for, they also help companies to provide required information about them and communicate related to any issues.

The increase in digital technology has transformed blogging into money-earning. Blogger is a person who controls the blog, they provide content for the audience. The blogging has become more popular due to its openness and you can post your own opinion.

Most Popular Bloggers

The blog must get ranked and have many visitors you visit your website, the most popular money making blogs are:

1. Allowing advertisements in your blog or through Google Adsense

2. Becoming an affiliate partner

3. Sell your own digital products like eBooks and tutorials

4. Sell content access to your members

5. Make your blog into a content marketing tool

A blog is a place you can share all your views, ideologies, experience, skills to others, so it has become like a dairy for normal people. The blogs can be categorized into many age groups, a survey shows that most Indian bloggers fall under the age group of 16 to 35 years.

Women bloggers are mostly home-maker who update their blog regularly and it will be mostly related to beauty, parenting and technology tips. Professional bloggers and part-time bloggers fall under the age group of 30’s they mostly write their blog related to updation of technology, gadget advancement, finance, health, travel, and political issues.

With the recent launch of black friday web hosting deals 2019 for India, the number of blogs getting launched in next few months will be on higher side, thanks to awesome deals from top companies which makes a lot of people to make an step ahead when it comes to blogging.

The income that you get when you are a blogger, part-time blogger receive $100 per month, full-time bloggers get $500, professional bloggers $1000 to $2000 income monthly and top-rated bloggers get $5000 to $25000 month. Now popular companies like Google, MSN, Nokia, and small organizations also started blogs to forecast their business and increase sales.


The blogger must have a vast knowledge about all things that they share in their blog, this helps to increase the trust in their post and also increase the visitors for the website that in turn increase the website ranking. The important thing in blogging is it know what customer requires and write content accordingly.